Cure for Heroin Addiction

We cure heroin dependency at The Holistic Sanctuary finished a true healthful group. This most front addiction-healing grouping uses plant-based medicine, Ibogaine, Ayahuasca, halt cells and remaining elemental resources to set and rebuild the psyche and aid your body and psyche. It provides straitlaced element and nutrients and offers positive reinforcement for a finished alterative.

To rebuild your brainpower and listen, you’ll abide a high-dose vitamin IV therapy and amino acids IV drips. These are required for resetting your brain.

For cadre bushel and age, we compel Hyperbaric Gas Therapy. And to offer your cells with the indispensable nutrients they pauperism to work right, we engage passionless pressed organic succus to clean your total body.

But these aren’t the exclusive treatments that can cure heroin addiction at The Holistic Sanctuary. We also render one-on-one therapy for 6 hours each day. That’s a sum of 120 hours per month.

Heroin Cure